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Johnny Goudie

"How Did I Get Here" Podcast


Sly Roque

Brand Theripist


Holly Hagerman

Founder of Ampt-up



Web3 Social brand

Johnny Goudie:

Johnny Goudie is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental musician, record producer and podcaster based in Austin, Texas. Through his four-decade career, Johnny's musical experiences span the artistic gauntlet and include being the frontman of many bands including Goudie (Elektra Records), the guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist for renowned touring acts like Ian Moore & Bodeans, a songwriter working with the likes of Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey and Kathy Valentine (Go-Go's), a solo artist capable of revealing a previously unseen intimacy, and of course, keyboardist/vocalist for SKYROCKET! In the spring and summer of 2021, Johnny will be releasing singles monthly. 

In 2011 Johnny took his talents to the world of podcasting and launched “How Did I Get Here?”, an audio segment that takes the form of a casual living room conversation while simultaneously packing the punch of a formal interview. With thousands of subscribers, the show has garnered a worldwide fanbase through Johnny's curiosity and disarming sense of humor. He’s hosted renowned guests like Ian McLagan (The Faces, The Rolling Stones), Dwight Twilley, The Bodeans, as well as up and comers like White Denim and Wild Child. What was first an archive of Austin music history is quickly becoming a chronicle of music beyond city limits.

"Best Of Austin 2019"
Twitter/Instagram: @johnnygoudie

Sly Roque:

My name is Sly Roque (@SlytheClever) originally from Houston, Texas but Atlanta Based. I am a creative director, Brand Therapist and CEO of The Clever Group. Years ago, I started out as a graphic designer, and promoter. My clever designs and marketing campaigns lead me to work with major musical artists & talent from labels & music groups such as Warner, OVO, No Limit, Jet Life and The Chopstars. I have also branded artists and done creative work for many such as De’Wayne & NLE Choppa, and others that have gone on to collaborate with Dizzy Wright & Masego, and rock major tours with Jessie J & Alternative band, Chase Atlantic.


In more recent years, my journey brought me to Atlanta, GA where I spend time between there and often revisiting my hometown of Houston. My passion for branding guided me into creating The Clever Group where we create unique branding for artists, talent and small businesses and we build brands. The Clever Group also specializes in Brand Therapy™ a practice that helps clients understand what their branding is and helps guide them to their own goals of success. I currently serve on the board of the global organization of Women in Music, the ATL chapter as Assistant Vice Chair of Communications. I am also head of a new tech startup that we are currently looking for funding on. 


Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Brand Therapist, I am using my passion for branding to help others promote, and seek out their own passion and dreams.

Holly Hagerman:

Founder of, an online marketplace that connects Musicians and Venues in a way that cuts booking time in half, and is dedicated to transparency, equity, and fair pay. She is a Texas native, and 2x founder, whose client work included the digital marketing efforts for the global headquarters of a Fortune 100 company, with her first company: an award winning, B-corp certified, boutique marketing agency exclusively serving socially conscious & environmentally friendly businesses.

She managed her team in Portland, OR for 12 years. For the last 7 years, she has been studying and investing in online marketplaces. Together with her co-founder, Frederic Rouault, a Musician and Venue Production Professional, they bring the perfect blend of digital marketing know-how and insider industry knowledge…and most importantly…passion. They have two children together under 5 years old.

Her goal is to not just reopen live music, but to RECONSTRUCT
and DEMOCRATIZE it.   


vsn is…

A unique musical talent. A master of Transmutation. A new future for People of Culture. A magnetic community builder in the Black Web3 ecosystem. An onramp for the best and brightest, led by the tenets of compassion and equity. 🌸

The music itself is a calling card infused with overarching themes of joy, self-celebration, and spirituality. It’s meant to spark listeners to action around wellness and community.

vsn channels the power of art and culture to ascribe new value to creative projects and the independent artists who make them.

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