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The First 3

Uni Studios had it's first 3 clients! It's amazing to see all the variations in creation. There are so many factors that determine your output; experience level, culture, heritage, interests, goals, etc.

Along with gathering local musicians we are working to find our CTO. With partnerships and mentors local to Austin, we've had some prospects, but nothing final yet.

As musicians that value finical independence and ownership, we are passionate about having multiple streams of income. This isn't something we are taught in school, in fact, school teaches against this in some ways. Asking you "what do you want to be when you grow up", what kind of question is that for a 5 year old kid who is thinking about how fishes swim under water for so long??

It's a question that constrains the mind to fit within the societal framework of what's acceptable. Since COVID, this mindset has shifted in all of us, realizing how vital it is to be able to sustain yourself when the government can't!

All of this to say, we have a few more projects that we are working on in the background of the studio and the app. As we finalize some more ideas, we will begin to share them, first, with our email subscribers.

Subscribe to stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting the mission for a more sustainable social ecosystem within the music industry.

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