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November 2022 - April 2023

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*Temp Chek is an IRL crowdfunding campaign for Uni Fest 2023.

Temp Chek came from a desire to grow awareness & relationships by connecting in person - with various people/projects that are aligned with musician empowerment and the creative economy ("web3").

As an independent musician, our local scene is one of the most important markets to tap into, but there aren't many tools that let us do that. Uni Streaming as a software product will provide these tools. However, to develop it properly, we must first provide IRL tools ("In real life").

Uni Fest  will be a yearly tour sponsored mainly by web3 projects.  Uni Fest will have 10-15 local musicians from each city perform for their local fan base. 

The "Temp Chek Campaign" will collect donations in USD and crypto. All money raised will be transparently tracked and reported to all who contribute. After Uni Fest 2023 is complete, any leftover funds will be evenly distributed to all performing musicians.

The questions Uni Fest & Temp Chek are attempting to answer;

1. What's the best way we can create micro-markets around local musicians? 

2. Can we cultivate an entirely community-funded yearly tour?

3. Can we give local independent musicians, the "Big Stage" experience and exposure they need to kickstart their careers?


What will Temp Chek accomplish?

1. Build city-specific partnerships/collaborations
2. Pull together resources for Uni Fest 2023
3. Get real-time contributor & musician feedback
4. Find musicians for the Uni Fest stage
5. Onboard musicians to their web3 wallet


Minimum Raise = $150,000 - $170,000

Transparency for Contributors:
All expenses will be tracked and reported to the contributors with the help of a hired professional book keeper!

After Uni Fest concludes, left over funds will be evenly distributed to all performing musicians. That being the case, we will accept donations up until the end of Uni Fest 2023.

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Eat This! You won't regret it 🤪


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