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November 2022 - April 2023

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For Youni Fest 2023, Temp Chek is an IRL crowdsourcing initiative.

The idea for Temp Chek originated from a desire to build relationships and raise awareness by physically meeting with diverse individuals and groups that support the empowerment of musicians and the creative economy ("web3").

Our local scene is one of the most crucial marketplaces for us to tap into as independent musicians, yet there aren't many resources that enable us to do so. Such tools will be made available via the Uni software. However, we must first offer IRL tools in order to properly build it ("In real life").

A yearly tour called Youni Fest will be primarily supported by web3 projects. 10 local musicians from each city will perform at Youni Fest for their local audience.

The "Temp Chek Campaign" will accept both USD and cryptocurrency donations. All funds raised will be openly monitored and shared with everyone who donates. Any money left over after Youni Fest 2023 will be sent to the Youni DAO treasury to assist the team and purpose moving forward.


What will Temp Chek accomplish?

1. Form partnerships with local organizations.
2. Assemble resources for Youni Fest Summer '23
3. Get real-time contributor & musician feedback
4. Discover musicians for the Youni Fest stage
5. Onboard musicians to their Web3 wallet


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Minimum Raise = $75,000- 85,000

Transparency for Contributors:
All expenses will be tracked and reported to the contributors with the help of a hired QB Live bookkeeper!
After Youni Fest concludes, left over funds will be distributed to YouniDAO treasury to continue supporting the team & mission. That being the case, we will accept donations up until the end of Youni Fest 2023.

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Eat This! You won't regret it 🤪



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