"Play music near me"

How will Uni create the new musician economy?

1) Dividing attention by removing ads; this gives every musician an equal chance at attracting the listener's ear. 

2) Features designed to bring you quality fans so that even 500 devoted listeners can give you a career in music.

3) Backed by a blockchain ecosystem so that your revenue isn't effected by Uni's revenue.

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Q1 2022

On board Musicians & private test Uni Beta, find partner developer.

Q1 2022

Grow community and infrastructure that will support the Uni Social Token.
(#FeatureTalk, Twitter Space, Email list, Tokenomics)

Q1 2022

Promo Uni at SXSW, and other music events.

Q2 2022

Launch Musicians NFT. Secure our pre-seed funding (at least 500k-1M) 

Music Festival


Making Music Sustainable


Your money is going to the right place. Uni pays out 10X more to musicians than any other platform.


Honest Discovery; NO Ads, NO Pushed Musicians. 


Reclaim Your Power As a Fan.

Streaming Services Pay Over 50% to Major Labels,
We Don't.

Meet The Team:


Cannon Outlaw

  • Instagram


6+ years study of Music Industry, 3+ years experienced Musician & Ableton Audio Engineer. Team management experience for 4 years.


Brenna Damatta

  • Instagram


2+ Years experienced musician. Experience in App Development, Project Management, Graphic Design, and communications. 


Raymond McGlamery

  • LinkedIn

Music Advisor

GM - Lucky Hound Music 2+ yrs. Manager- 484 Management for 4 yrs. VP-Reprise Records 7 yrs. Business Development & Marketing Consultant.

Never Forgotten

May you rest in peace, we honor you with this project. A great man, a great life.


Kiara Bickers

  • Twitter

Crypto Advisor

Author of Bitcoin Clarity. Experienced in product development, crypto/blockchain, and building mental models for systems. 


Greg Carter

  • LinkedIn

Music Ind. Advisor

Core partner with Black Fret of Austin. Experienced with Product Management, Security, and IT Strategy.


Alex Mejias

  • LinkedIn

Legal Advisor

Lawyer in Richmond, VA. Working with various NFT & Blockchain companies. Experience in Entertainment law.


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